Want to feel like a hacker? Try Hacker Typer

hackertyperHacker Typer is one of the most biggest time wasters I have ever seen. After you go into the page, you instantly see a black screen, and just by hitting any key, a code start to appear in a flashy green color (just as we see in movies).

The page won’t do anything for you other than maybe teach you on how to use an specific programming language by going into Google and looking for it.

And of course, all that hacking have to lead somewhere, that’s why at the end you get the “Access Granted” notification telling you that your all your work was worth it.access

Anyway, a complete time waster that although doesn’t promise hours of fun, it’ll still waste your time one way or another.

Link | Hacker Typer

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A 20 year old computer engineer... Here's a clear explanation => http://bit.ly/6Pk550
June 30, 2011 | Autor: TatoSgr | Curiosities
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