Understanding the Role of Investor Relations Websites

Have you heard of investor relations websites before? Sometimes known as an IR website, this is one of the key components of pretty much every corporation website out there – and if you’re running a corporate website or are tasked with designing one, you definitely need to know more about it.

Basically, an investor relations website is a website (or part of a larger website) that has one primary goal: To keep investors informed and to attract new investors.

Content vs. Presentation in Investor Relations Websites

Part of the difficulty of understanding the role of an IR website is the fact that it really does have dual focuses.

On one hand, it is expected to provide information that investors will find useful, but on the other hand that information also needs to be presented in such a way that it won’t overwhelm investors.

This is a problem because the fact of the matter is that every investor relations website often has simply too much information to provide.

Some of the areas of information that are present and regarded as essential to investor relations websites include things like:

  • Financial information about the corporations current finances, projected data, expenses, income, and so on.
  • Information about the corporations ‘spin’ on their finances and their opinion of how things stand and how things could go in the future.
  • Announcements, speeches, and other material prepared or delivered by the CEO and other important figures within the company.
  • A clear statement on the corporation’s policies, vision, and goals.

With so much information that could potentially be of interest and should be in the IR website – presenting all that information becomes a problem. Often the one qualm investors have with investor relations websites is that they try to fit too much information in and it ends up becoming confusing.

A big area of the development of an effective investor relations website that plays its role is the copywriting side of things. While information should definitely be available, it needs to be presented and organized well so that a potential investor can find what they’re looking for if need be, but do not end up being assailed with a torrent of information as soon as they access the site.

Treading this balance is the difficulty of the role of an IR website, but it is necessary if you want to create one that fulfills its role to perfection.

Being aware of the issues surrounding the role of IR websites is really just the first step. Many corporations go through numerous draft websites before they actually come up with one that successfully achieves their goals and allows them to have a good IR website.

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Understanding the Role of Investor Relations Websites

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