TweetDeck for Chrome now allows you to schedule tweets – Here’s how to

Using Chrome? Using Twitter? You better start using TweetDeck for Chrome, you won’t regret it. The main difference between this client and the desktop one, is that you only need Chrome to use it, no third-party programs to use it. In the latest release they added an extra button to the Compose Window, a clock.


That clock is not there to tell you the time, is there to schedule your tweets the easiest way possible. Click it. Next, set the time and date for the tweet.}


After the time is set, just click on Set Time. Then, send it.


These schedule tweets will appear on a new bar on the right. That way, you’ll have control over you schedule and never miss what you tweet.


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September 19, 2011 | Autor: TatoSgr | Google Chrome
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  1. Jamie says:

    Really? I’m using TweetDeck for Chrome and still can’t see the feature. :( I’ve been wanting this feature on the web app for long as I don’t generally like desktop clients.

  2. Howard Lake says:

    Yes, a valuable new tool. I’ve been scheduling tweets using the desktop version for a good while.

    Unfortunately, there is no a maximum number of 35 tweets that you can have scheduled at any time. I can’t find any reference to this on’s help pages. No, no idea why 35 and not 40 or 50.

    It’s a pain: I schedule dozens of reminders about charity/nonprofit grant deadlines and opening of grant rounds, some of them 18 months ahead.

    Anyone else been hit by this 35 max? 

  3. caitlin says:

    Do you have to be logged in or on the internet for your tweets to go out? Sometimes my scheduled ones get out on time and sometimes they don’t—very frustrating!

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