Take pictures and record video from webcam or webcam with e2eSoft MyCam

e2esoft MyCam

Many users do not profit as possible to their web cameras (or webcams) is because the information does not reach them but do not investigate, or simply do not value what they have. The truth is that it also depends on the software that includes the make and model of webcam you have installed a PC. There are free programs that let you make the most of any webcam.

Such is the case of e2eSoft MyCam, a very interesting software, free, for Windows (7, Vista, XP, etc..), In English, which does not require any installation, only download and run the program file. The program’s main function is to maximize the webcams.

How did we would take advantage? You can take photos or record videos with them. In the event that your webcam has a LED (or light bulb) and microphone, e2eSoft MyCam has the ability to activate either of these two features. If for example you are recording a video, you can also include the sound in the included microphone in your webcam. What use so powerful!

e2eSoft MyCam lets you save images in JPEG / BMP, and AVI videos and MPEG, as well as audio only in MP3 format. The program is completely free for home use only. By the way, has a feature that is keeping, or record a history of catches (photos / videos) made the same in a bar at the bottom of the interface.

In this way, you can quickly access content that has been recording with the software, and if possible to share such resources as multimedia with friends. e2eSoft MyCam is an excellent free application for Windows, which has an efficiency quite interesting.

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  1. Brenda says:

    IF you are a woman you should be very careful with your webcam.  Mine would get hacked so many times by crazy stalkers that I ended up getting a Mac (knock on wood that there are no problems so far).  Most of the hackers were from the China mainland according to the IP addresses that were traced back there.  When they get into a windows PC they can take over the camera where they can turn it on without any software notifying you and the red light doesn’t even come on!  It’s very frustrating to say the least, not to mention embarrassing!  Stay safe!

  2. Jora Cardan says:

    I’m using “Automatically Take Webcam Pictures Software” and I’m happy :)
    It can take webcam shots automatically, it can run in tray or in stealth mode.

    See it here: http://freesoft80.com/products/automatically-take-webcam-pictures-software.html

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