Speckly, a search engine for torrent files rather simplified


How they had been of my searches easy and fast torrent file in those days when I spent downloading music and concerts each day and what happened to me this excellent network through P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing.

There are many sites (or databases) where torrents on files, thousands of users worldwide share. These engines or databases, are varied, and look into each one can be very tedious, which is precisely what I did.

The story is that Speckly is a search engine that allows us to search multiple torrent engines, that is, he’ll do the same environment from which many used to do individually, and then just list the results found.

The only thing you do with this excellent web tool will enter the keyword that refers to what you’re looking for, then press "Enter"; else will be easy.

Via | Download Squad
Web Link | Speckly

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An enthusiastic computer engineer who loves computers, software, search engine optimization and online trading. Thanks you for read me.
July 21, 2010 | Autor: Kervin Vergara | Web Applications
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