Social Networks, Adults Websites and Online Entertainment

This is actually an statistic made by Experian Hitwise a long time ago, then got updated, and published by the BBC, and it’s about how social networks now are more popular than adult websites and online entertainment, at least in the UK.

This is the first image today. It’s old, I know, but If you don’t know your history, you’re destined to repeat it.


This was in 2009, and those numbers forced adults websites to came up with a whole new strategy:

gweggyphotoYou may not see these kind of ads on Facebook, but you do see them in other sites and asking for your Facebook credentials to be able to access it’s content.

In the other hand, bellow you can clearly see some spam messages, and if you remember yesterday’s post, add it this kind of spam, and more money to the spammer.

Sadly, this is something we can’t control and as long as they have the Facebook connect button, the connection is authorized.

Also, this kind of ads are pure spam. Don’t click it, ever.







Moving on….


An actual study from this year reveal that online entertainment (adult business included) is being surpassed by social networks in general (not Facebook only.)


The study was simple, Hitwise monitored 9,000 social networks across the UK, there were over 2.4 billion visits from UK Internet users during January – first time ever -, surpassing online entertainment.

Social Networks are 12.46% of the traffic, while Entertainment is only 12.18%.

Interesting, the online entertainment is not going down, the social networks are going up, fast. And if you pay attention to the image, you can see that entertainment sites’ traffic is also going up (very slow) thanks to social networks.

Is important to mention that Facebook took 56% of that traffic, making it the biggest social network in the UK.


In conclusion, social networks are changing the way we browse the web.

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