PRTG Network Monitor: A free tool for network monitoring

When we are installing a small network we must assure that it is secure and that it is working as it should with nice speed and without information loose. This application will help us to monitor all that information and more.

prtg network monitor

When we have a small business or commercial local that works with a network we must find interesting this tool: PRTG Network Monitor, it is a very powerful tool that will allow us to find is there is a problem in the network performance and other things.

PRTG Network Monitor will help us to detect if there is any bottlenecks, deliver better QoS, reduce costs, increase profits. It has a web user interface that lets you see the information that it saves, create reports, make graphics, tables and other features.

With PRTG Network Monitor you can monitor the network usage, the performance and availability of it, different sensor types for the most common network services and other features that you may like. This application is compatible with Windows XP and later.

Web Link | PRTG Network Monitor

September 22, 2010 | Autor: Carloswaldo | Network and Communications
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