NVDA: Free Screen Reader for Windows! Special software for the blind


Can not imagine the happiness I felt when I read the following email in my inbox:

Hi Kervin, first to congratulate you for this great blog I have now is great time following him. I would like opinions on jkdefrag software I’ve used and has given me good results, also on the software screen readers because I am blind and do not think it’s the only blind person to read your blog I use one called jaws for payment Windows requires of him to make any movement in Windows is very professional I say that I’m a fan of the computer and I love computers clear that there are readers of payment and I would like fellow readers of your blog blind knowledge. Thank you very much and continues well with your blog

Such was my happiness that I immediately showed the message to my mom (of the education blog) and is really honored to have blind people who read the contents of Computer Blog daily. My greetings to all those people and those with a disability. Yes friends, I am very motivated to talk about this kind of software for the disabled.

New technologies not only serve as support in the field of educational software, but also for people with different disabilities. In our case, screen readers allow blind users (blind, blind, completely losing sight) to interpret the text in the screen. NVDA, a free software specialized for those visually impaired users.

Using NVDA, you can surf the Internet with Internet Explorer or Firefox, as well as read documents in Wordpad, Microsoft Office Word, emails, spreadsheets, lines of command and explore the hard disk drives of your computer and do homework that are common (in Windows). This is a free program that has an interpretation of the contents of the screen in Spanish, is very efficient and has good documentation for users.

The operation is simple. You install it and you’ll enjoy once their potential. I feel great happiness and joy to see how many people are overcome and have that optimism ahead as usual. NVDA becomes the best friend of those who lack a vision that allows them to perform as they wish. Hope you enjoy this excellent application.

Thanks Armando for the information. And I wish you very happy with this content. By the way, I commented that soon I’ll be talking about the program I’ve recommended.

Official Website | NVDA
Download NVDA

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May 27, 2010 | Autor: Kervin Vergara | Free Software Downloads
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