Monitor all the internet interaction with Fiddler

Are you a web developer? Do you want to know how your web page interact according to the web browser with the server? We have this application called Fiddler that will help, specially to the web developers to know how the programs interact with the internet.


Fiddler is a very powerful application that acts like a proxy to capture all the traffic going through all the running applications an the internet. It can capture all the http traffic and show us complete information about all the transferred data.

In the main windows it will show you a list of all the petitions that the applications do to the remote servers, showing complete information about them like petition number, the result, the remote host, the url and many more.

It can also show you a lot more information, like the performance statistics of the connections, a session inspector, a request builder to make our own requests and has many more options. This application is compatible with Windows 2000 and later.

Web Link | Fiddler

September 3, 2010 | Autor: Carloswaldo | Freeware Software
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