Keep My Opt-Outs: Stop Chrome from tracking your data [Chrome extension]

You may or may not know this, but every single preference that we set in a website that we’re not logged in, is set in a cookie. These cookies will stay as long as they want, or until you delete them using a software or manually. All browsers do this, and there are ways to stop this by limiting the storage of cookies, or using the Incognito-Mode in Chrome. But to stop this, and do it easily, Google developed an extension.


Keep My Opt-Outs is a Chrome extension that stop the browser from storing cookies related to ads. What’s this? Simple; when you don’t like an ad, or find it irrelevant, you click the “X”. Immediately a cookie is stored saying that you don’t like ads of that type. Therefore, future ads won’t be about that, but about something else.

Until now, “The current version is focused on cookies from U.S.-based online ad companies. We plan to include cookie opt-outs from European and other international companies soon.”. It may sound bad, but most ads companies are US-Based, so is not such a big problem.

Although there is one little thing; this extension, it kind of blocks data-tracking, but there is more that one way to track data. This extension only blocks one, but there is a lot more.

By the way, Download Squad published an excellent article about comparisons between Chrome, Firefox and IE, and data-tracking block.

Link | Keep My Opt-Outs

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