Insidia: A cool time waster platform game


I love platform games, and I like to try new ones all the time. This one is Insidia; you’re a orange little alien, your ship hit an unknown planet, and you have to search for kits to fix it. In the quest, you will learn new abilities and explore different levels of difficulty.

It has two things that I loved the most, you can use the WASD combination to move and the keyboard to jump; and something that is odd, the music is pretty cool and it goes perfect with the game.

There are save points all across the game, and tips too. You can see the map with “M” and teleport back to your ship with “T”. Secret rooms are also part of the game, you need to find them.

Very cool game, and although is a time waster, is pretty short, so you can enjoy it with no problem.

Link | Insidia

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January 2, 2011 | Autor: TatoSgr | Games
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