How to turn off Windows 8 – Guide for new users

So, if you just installed Windows8, you’d noticed that there is no start menu. This is very confusing for those who just started using it since we’ll all miss that feature. But still, there is a way to turn of the system without hitting the power button or logging off.

First, hover your mouse on the bottom left corner of any window. It can be desktop, the tiles screes, or an app. Just hover it


A little menu will popup from the left, click on settings.


Then, a large one will appear from the right, you’ll see the Power option and five more.


And from there you’ll be able to turn it off, restart it or set it to sleep.


Windows8 looks great. Nice buttons, nice animations, but it has some flaws. I’ll try to post more about these the next week. Have a nice weekend, everyone.

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September 24, 2011 | Autor: TatoSgr | Windows 7
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