How-To set up Chrome’s account sync

One of the best capabilities of having Chrome and a Google account is the possibility to sync your bookmarks, preferences, theme, autofill and extensions. This is very easy to do and it’s also very helpful; an personal example is that when I worked in a company, I used to bookmark several links to read them at home. And for those of you who doesn’t know how to enable this, here’s a simple guide.

First, for those who use the stable build (Chrome 5.0.375.126):

Go to the Tool icon > Set up sync


Then, we type our username or mail and our password.


We can press the “Customize sync…” button to see what we’re syncing.


That’s the recommended settings, so I recommend you to leave it that way. Then you click Ok, and then Sing in.


And it’s done. Now every time we bookmark something, change the preferences or install a theme, these will be saved in our Google account so we can go anywhere and feel like we’re home.

There’s another way to do it in the Dev Version (6.0.490.1).

We go to the Tool icon > Options, then to the “Personal Stuff “ tab and press the “Set up sync…“ button.


in this case, we have to put the username or mail and password, before customize what we want to sync.


After we get authenticated, we can customize the sync. The synchronization is a lot more customizable that in the previous versions.


We can sync our bookmarks, autofill, extensions, themes and preferences (the autofill and extensions are new). The syncing can take a long time, depending in how much we have (in my case, a lot), so don’t worry if it’s taking to long; at the end, the result will be the same.


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