How to revoke Facebook’s applications access

One of the most dangerous things these days is the malwares that run all over the social network, mostly Facebook and Twitter, since they’re the most used ones. In the recent days it has been a lot of Facebook account infected with new malwares that infect your account by clicking something that someone infected posted.

Knowing about it, and that not a lot of people know how to revoke access of the applications they granted access in the first place, I made this easy and quick How-To to explain how to do it.

Revoke access for Facebook Applications

First of all, we go to Facebook and login. Then go to Account > Applications settings, or this link over here.

revoke access facebook applications

Then, we look up for the Authorized applications (this link here):

revoke access facebook applications

And then we start removing applications, just click on the “X” at the end of every application and you’re done. This way you remove and block the application.

revoke access facebook applicationsrevoke access facebook applicationsrevoke access facebook applications

I hope that with this you can see how vulnerable you are to been infected by a malware or ‘hacked’ by an suspicious app. Remember to delete all of those apps that you no longer use or consider useless to have. Also remove any external access to you account that you consider unnecessary, by external I mean YouTube, Digg, Twitter or any other website.

Learn How to revoke Twitter’s applications access too.

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  1. Imraan says:

    i have authorised a google chrome video chat application. I want to revoke it. But this is not in the list. can you please guide me ?

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