How to record your screen using Fraps

Unlike many people believe, Fraps is not a normal Screen Recorder. First of all, it won’t record your screen unless you have a game open. Fraps is a Screen Recorder for games, it won’t record your screen if there is no game being played at the time. It will even record the game in background, but the recording should be started with the windows of the game open or it won’t work.

Now, knowing that, let’s see how to record the screen of a game using it. First, download it and install it. Open it, and go to the Movies tab, that’s the only one we care about.


Set a Keyboard Shortcut, select the sound source and the video capture to 30 fps (standard). And that’s it, it’s now configured.´

Next step, launch a game, and let the recording begin. The good thing about Fraps is that shows the FPS (Frames per second) in a corner of the game, so you’ll know that the recording begun because you’ll see a variation in them.

Videos can be stored in any place you want, I recommend you to set it in your desktop so you can watch them as soon as you stop recording and know if what you did was right or need to do it again.

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