How to make your Twitter sidebar transparent

Want your Twitter profile to look like this?


Here’s how.

Go to Twitter > Settings > Design. And then copy this code:


Paste it on the address bar, like this.


Hit enter.


And that’s it. Your sidebar is now transparent.

To change it back, just change the design colors and will automatically be removed. Please select a background that still let your followers read what’s on the sidebar.

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  1. Wiz Khalifa Luver09 says:

    Did not work..

  2. Doc Sheldon says:

    It appears that this no longer works. Just tried it, and got this message:

    javascript: and data: URIs typed or pasted in the address bar are disabled to prevent social engineering attacks.
    Developers can enable them for testing purposes by toggling the “noscript.allowURLBarJS” preference.

  3. Jana Castillo says:

    This code for the transparent sidebar doesn’t work, is there a new one?

  4. I have tried and tried .. does not work :(

  5. kelly lester says:

    This code isnt working :S isnt there another one?

  6. It use to work, now it doesnt! smh

  7. aiesha burge says:

    it just google searches the code…

  8. Andrea says:

    well, it google searches the code!

  9. ToriWithSwag says:

    I tried it always and always… Google just searches the URL. Is there any new one? I badly want a Transparent Sidebar, just tweet me at my account,!/ToriWithSwag follow me, and tweet me for a follow back.. I’ll DM u my password & username so that u could change my sidebar! Please? 

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