How to install Windows 7 from scratch

This is a post that I was hoping to show, and finally here it is, a simple, quick and eaty to follow guide to install Windows 7 from scratch.

First of all, insert the DVD and make sure that your pc boots from the CD/DVD drive. There are thousands guides in Internet and how to do it will vary depending on the machine you own. Boot from the Windows 7 DVD.


This is the first window you see after all the files are loaded.








Now the configuring process is initiating. The first thing we need to do is specify our language, time and keyboard language. In this case:

Language = English

Time and currency = English (US)

Keyboard = US

Be careful with the keyboard input method, although you can change it later. Click Next.



Just click Install now.

At least for now that’s what we want.









In my case, my compilation is quite old, but I download it with support for both 32 and 64 bits processors. Also, only the Ultimate version, that I consider the best and the only one there should be.

Anyway, I choose “x32” and click Next.






The popular ToS (terms of service), check it and click Next.









Upgrade, this is used if we have a previous Windows version installed, in this case no.

We click on “Custom (Advanced)”, because this option is the only one that allow a “From scratch” installation.






My Hard Drive is blank, has nothing in it, and is the only one, so I click it and click Next.








The installation process has started. We can have a quiet nap while we wait until the installation is complete.

After this screen, there are 9 screens without nothing to do. So, there are no worries here.






Here are the 9 screens so you can keep them tracked.

11 121314


1516 17 18






This is the ninth and last screen, so hand on the mouse and keyboard again.








The name of you pc, many people only name it because they think because this is some kind of ownership document. FALSE.

The name only is that filter that helps to keep a track of you in the LAN. Is either the name, the IP or the MAC. The name is easy to customize.





I believe this is the most important screen in all the installation, or at least for a lot of people it is.

Insert the key (in case you have it), if not leave it blank.

In both cases (have or not the key) leave the checkbox checked and click next.





After an important screen comes an annoying one.

The choice is personal, but I recommend “Ask me later” for finishing reasons; we want to get into our desktop as fast as possible.





Time and date.

Depending on where you are, configure it yourself.










Just choose “Public network”. Trust me, it will help you a lot by removing future asking of where you are connected.

Always click this option when connecting in a different location to avoid another asking in the future.







Another break time. But this time at least are only 4 screens.









The 4 screens are:

26 27 28 29







And finally, the desktop. From here, the only steps you need to do are install the drivers and programs.







Easy, right?

By the way, all the screens are named in numbers, so you can download them and put them in a folder so you can follow them step by step.

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