How to disable HTTPS in Facebook

Since many people now are asking how to disable this feature due to several apps requesting to deactivate it, there are 2 ways to do it:

1. Allowing the app to do it for you: if you get the message to switch to regular connection, just click Continue and it will be automatically deactivated


2. Manually: go to Account > Account Settings. Scroll down to Account Security, and uncheck the Secure Browsing (https) option.


With this you won’t get any annoying message requesting to leave the connection, in exchange, your account is more vulnerable; if you have your own PC and a non-shared network, then you’re good.

If you want to enable it, go here =>  (it’s basically the same procedure)

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April 2, 2011 | Autor: TatoSgr | Online Services
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  1. Bruno Bros says:

    Solution pour rendre visibles les onglets iframe sur facebook sécurisé avec https
    Le passage en https fait que les applications iframe non configurées https ne s’affichent pas sur les pages entreprises.
    iframe.apps permet de créer une iframe sans être développeur facebook et évite d’acheter et de configurer le certificat SSL.
    L’application iframe.apps ( propose :
    – d’ajouter dans un onglet iframe une page internet existante simplement en insérant son URL
    – ou de créer un nouvel onglet iframe grâce à l’éditeur HTML intégré
    (de la même manière qu’était géré Static FBML)
    N’hésitez pas à demander plus d’informations.
    Bruno B.

  2. Andy says:

    Sorry to say but that advice doesnt work.. it must be a bug in the facebook system itself.. See what happens to me and many others i see on forums is that once you have enabled https:, if you want to log on from say a wireless connection using a laptop it wont allow you to.
    This is what happens exactly:
    1: On the Fb login page it says http: on the address bar.
    2. when u try to enter in it doesn’t allow you to as it changes to https: (Theres nothing you can do about it atm it seems.)

    3: so if you try to change the settings from say ur mobile phone which you can access Fb desktop mode on, which btw is exactly the same layout as you would see on a desktop. It does let you uncheck and save, just like you have advised above..

    but you can not still log in.. theres something wrong with the FB system.
    it will start off saying http at log on screen.. but once your details are entered and you hit log in it just stops.. and you will notice it changes to https.

    Going back to your smartphone device and checking the acnt settings.. it clearly has been changed and saved as http..(non secure connection)

    If any1 knows how to fix this problem please help!!

  3. Rick says:

    How do you turn off the secure web browsing (https) setting???? I tried the two way mentioned above and I get no response when I click on the mouse to select change security.  Acutually it doesn’t allow me to delete anythihg even my wall postings??  It serves no purpose to use the https feature since it screwed up all my connections to apps and I have no control to edit any thing, I can’t even deactiveate my account!! Is there anyone who can help me solve this ridiculous annoying issue?

  4. roldan says:

    thank you vey much, very useful

  5. Shan says:

    RelieVedd ………

  6. Miki says:


  7. Susan says:

    I have checked my privacy settings and my secure browsing is not enabled, but rather says disabled. So why am I getting your FGS message for this?  I do not get the bonuses anymore though…hmmm ??

  8. Required: Name says:

    i cant get my gifts from farmville i cant use the fug only that one

  9. cherie says:

    Type your message here…why cant i diasable HHTP FROM MY FACE BOOK ACCOUNT CAN SOME ONE HELP PLEASE

  10. Diana says:

    To stop secured browsing go to account settings then on the left side there will be security click on that and it should bring you to secure settings and the option to change it is there. 

  11. dora says:

    is it safe to stop secure browsing ???

  12. Tina McCallum says:

    I have disabled my secure browsing, deleted my history including all cookies, and it is still coming up with secure browsing. Help :(

  13. lilmike says:

    i tried changing the account settings and deleted the cookies but still i can’t log-in my facebook acct using internet explorer….what should i do…need help here…thanks

  14. helmi says:

    thanks a lot..=)

  15. yumemizu says:

    thanks very much ,now i can upload my image to fb.befofe cant upload !!!!

  16. PB Adams says:

    Yep. None of the above works at least on Mac Chrome. I removed cookies, history, the whole lot, etc. to the beginning of time BEFORE and AFTER disabling HTTPS in FB yet FB keeps insisting that I’m using HTTPS whenever possible…Seems almost trojan horse like…What the devil do the geeks at FB have to gain from forcing us to live with this glitch proned effed up state of affairs? Also if you know of a fix that works for Mac Chrome I would be much obliged. Thanks.

    • PB Adams says:

      Forgot to mention…under the FB security settings it is clearly checked to disable the bloody HTTPS feature…Yeah, right.

  17. web design says:

    thank you …need this for disabled my https in facebook account
    thanks again :)

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