How to delete selected items from History in Chrome

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to delete my browsing history. Sometimes I use it as bookmarks, and Chrome’s autocomplete feature works using most used websites to autocomplete, AKA, it uses your history to predict the text. Anyway, in some cases we may have a website appearing each time we try to autocomplete and that’s not the one we want, here’s how to remove it.

Ok, I’ll try to remove whatever I have in the letter “t” from my history to every time I hit it, “” appears.


As you can see, when pressing “t”, “” appears, let’s remove that.

Go to your history pressing ctrl+h, and search for that. Usually, the first results are not the ones you’re looking for, so scroll down until the ones you want appear.


Now, scroll up again and click on Edit items.


And select all that you don’t want anymore, and then scroll up and click on Remove Selected Items.



When you’re done deleting all the non-wanted sites, just re-type the letter to check out.


There are several problems with this. First, although the address still appear on the results, it doesn’t appear on the address because is not the most visited page anymore. Another thing is that you need to delete ALL links in the history related to that link or else it won’t work. So, if it’s Facebook, it’s better to just delete the whole history since most of you should have thousands of links to Facebook.

Also, if you have bookmarks to that address it will bypass the history and instantly use the bookmark, so be sure to remember that. This is an easy way to keep your history and your address bar clean and organized.

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