Hotmail Alias: What it is? How to create one?

In case you don’t know, Hotmail now allows you to create an alias (you can read the complete post here). But, what is it exactly?

Just like the name says, it’s an alias, by example, your main email address is, with an alias you can change it to, but without affecting the main address.

Lets put it this way:

  • With this alias you can send a mail and no one will know your main address
  • You will be able receive mail to the alias in your main address inbox

It’s exactly a second email address, but instead of having two inbox, you have one for all.

This has two limitations:

  • You can only have five aliases per year
  • You can only have fifteen aliases at all

Pretty cool.

How to create one?

Go to Log in. Give the alias a name. Click on Create  an alias


And that’s it. Now you have to wait until Hotmail approve your alias. Where do you want them to send you the approving mail? Pick one.


Why do I say “approve” instead of “ready”? (and this is something they don’t say in their blog)

Because a spammer can create an alias too. They need to check in their database that you’re not a spammer and you will use the alias with non-evil purposes.

Although I congratulate Hotmail for bringing this, there are three things I want to say:

  • Still think that Gmail is way better than Hotmail
  • I feel bad for taking an alias without using the service, personally, I hope I won’t get approved
  • What if the alias could be temporal? A month limit, then it will be erased. That’s what I call an alias

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