Google And Facebook to buy Skype [Rumor]


This is one of the most exciting news these days; the rumor of Facebook buying Skype is quite old now, and is something most people expected from Mark since buying it will definitely make Facebook the most powerful web, service, page and social network internationally. So, Google can’t afford this to happen, so they offer some money as well.

The war between these two is enormous and has a few months old, and according to some sources:

A Skype deal could be valued at $3 billion to $4 billion, the first source said. Skype’s IPO is expected to raise about $1 billion, several other sources said.

Ok, Skype had “about 124 million connected users every month by the end of June. But 8.1 million were paying customers”. Can you imagine this kind of active users using Google Voice or Chatting via Facebook? The winner will be THE winner. Although there is no answer from Skype yet.

No matter what happen, Skype users will be affected; the platform already is pretty stable, and users don’t complain about it. So for good or bad, these will be affected. I don’t want to get deeper into this because is still a rumor, but Facebook is actually trying to buy Skype, that’s no rumor. What will happen next?

Via | Reuters

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