fluschipranie: Download Albums from Facebook [Firefox Extension]

I remember when FacePAD was launched and allow us to download a complete album with one single click. But this project was somehow removed from the web and can’t be downloaded anymore (or at least from any official site). To replace it, a guy created another one named fluschipranie.

fluschipraniefluschipranie is a Firefox extension that downloads a complete Facebook album in a moment. The extension will only work with the HTTPS off, so shut it down.

To make it work your just need to right click the title of the album and select one of the last options, “fluschipranie’s download”.

A few seconds after that, a prompt will appear allowing you to name the photos (photo_0, photo_1, photo_2, etc), and select a path to save it.

And that’s it, all the images from that album should be visible and usable.

Note that the extension may not get an album at all, that depends on the person’s security settings. It may download an album with 200 images, but it may not download an album with 1 image, so keep that in mind when downloading.

This extension was not made to give it a bad use, so please use it with consciousness.

Link | fluschipranie

Author Info:

A 20 year old computer engineer... Here's a clear explanation => http://bit.ly/6Pk550
June 10, 2011 | Autor: TatoSgr | Firefox
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  1. Pavan Somu says:

    But it was not working for me.. the error was no picture found or album is kept private

  2. That happens because the current published version 0.1.3 does not support HTTPS (secure browsing).. You must disable it to use that version. The current optimized version 0.1.4 that supports HTTTPS can be downloaded from here https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/downloads/file/131875/fluschipranie-0.1.4-fx-windows.xpi, save the file if firefox automatically does not install it, then open it with firefox and install it.

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