Doing a complete reset of Internet Explorer

As any software that exists, there comes a time when it stops working normally and starts doing things that it shouldn’t supposed to do. No software is the exception to this rule, and in those cases, we just do a clean reinstall. But, what happens when that software is one embedded in the system, like IE? Well, in XP you can completely remove it, but in Win7 you can’t. That’s why Microsoft provides this tool to completely reset IE.


It’s portable, so you won’t install anything, it’s light, so you can save it anywhere easily, and it should work pretty well since apparently it will actually reset every single thing on the browser. Sadly, I wasn’t able to try it out since I don’t have IE installed (active), and the system didn’t find any version of it. Still, it should work for most people using Windows.

Link | Microsoft

Via | GHacks

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March 11, 2012 | Autor: TatoSgr | Windows 7
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