Chrome extensions: Google TV – Watch TV online for free

A few months ago, Google launch it’s new service, "Google TV". It allows people in the US to watch TV via online in the GoogleTV home page. It’s currently not availability in any country outside the US, but, programmers around the world didn’t settle with this and make Google Chrome extensions out of it.

1.- TV Chrome

It’s a really full extension with a lot of countries to choose from; depending on the country, you may have one TV stations or many. Sadly, there is a problem, some stations may be down, and there is no way to know which ones.

TV Chrome

 2.- Chrome TV

This one organize it’s stations in categories first, after you choose one, you see the countries. It also allows you to see all the stations available and to see if this are up or down

Chrome TV

Their both have pros and cons; TV Chrome have a lot of countries, but a lot of it stations are down. And TV Chrome, have a lot less countries, but it shows you which are up and which don’t, saving you a lot of trouble.

The use of one or another, depends of the user. Although may exist a lot of WebPages with this service, it’s convenient to have it inside the browser, with easy access and for free.

Link | TV Chrome
Link | Chrome TV

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