Bing powered engines now with a 30% of market share


Something that no one expected, Bing is finally rising and Google falling. Although the different may seem little (not more of 4%), but in search terms that mean millions of queries, and that’s a lot. In the Bing Powered search we find Bing, Yahoo! and Facebook, so it’s good to see that all those agreements are going well to Microsoft.

Leaving this to a site, something that is really interesting to me is that longer queries are no longer being “queried”.Apr2011_Keywords

Apparently, Twitter is doing it’s job; this is the proof that the web no longer depends on who have the longest paragraph, but who is saying more.

And last but not least, Google is losing in bringing the best results (this is why Bing is rising). The success rate is now ruled by Yahoo!, followed by Bing, then Google.


The success rate is how many effective results you get in the first page. By effective I mean that is what you want. Google has been playing a lot with the algorithm, but still is not the best.

May the best search engine win.

Via | Experian Hitwise

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