Importance of Internet access on your vacations to Spain

There is no doubt that the most anticipated days by all people now are holidays, where we go out on vacations. There are great places to enjoy and especially rest from so much off the work routine. On these trips … Continue reading

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OLX: Free classifieds site in Kenya to buy and sell everything is easy

As a computer technician, I always have to repair computer equipment, and is most common in specific parts you need. With Internet I have solved this much. How to with Internet? Well, I found everything OLX, free classifieds site, those … Continue reading

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Hide or prolong Firefox Downloads Complete notification


Firefox Download Complete notification is a little popup that appears when our downloads are complete on the bottom right corner of our window. This can be useful for some, or annoying for others. Either way, we can prolong it’s time … Continue reading

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Official Chrome extension for Google Keep


Google Keep is a new Google service that works as Evernote; a place where we can type and save notes very easily and very quickly. The best part of this extension is that it syncs with it’s Android app automatically, … Continue reading

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ShortcutMaker: Create keyboard shortcuts for any program in Windows


ShortcutMaker is a very useful little application for Windows that allows us to do big things; change the keyboard shortcuts for any program in Windows, from Firefox to Windows Explorer. It lets you create, even though can’t edit the default … Continue reading

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Adding shortcuts to our favorite folder to My Computer


My Computer is one of the most visited places for Windows users; you can access almost anything from there, from Local Drives to User Files. But in case you didn’t know, you can also access your favorite files and folders … Continue reading

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Chrome Extension Downloader: Online tool to download Chrome Extensions


Chrome Extension Downloader is an awesome online service that everyone should know about. It does exactly what the name says, download any Chrome extension or app listed on the Chrome Store. You just need to paste the link and click … Continue reading

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How to show the document location on Office quick access bar


Not knowing where the file was saved is one of the most common oops when using Office; is not Office fault, mostly is our fault for moving the default folder, having a mess in the desktop, or misclicking. For those … Continue reading

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